“COMVEX Istanbul”
May 21-24, 2016
Comvex Istanbul opens its doors in Tüyap Istanbul, with participation of COMMERCIAL VEHICLES SUB-INDUSTRY leaders on May 21-24, 2016. 
COMVEX Istanbul:  Window to the world
Comvex Istanbul Fair, which is prepared with cooperation of OSD (Automotive Industry Association), TAİD (Heavy Commercial Vehicles Association) and TAYSAD (Transport Vehicles Sub-industrialists Association), is the primary platform for presenting new products and technologies in commercial vehicle sector. Fair will dynamize the status of the industry in the international trade and contribute improvement of the share in the region.
Automotive Sector, The New Leader in Export
The commercial vehicle export has increased in number by 17%, while the automotive sector keeps its rank in the first quarter of 2016.
Our industry has become the 1st in bus manufacturing and 2nd in truck manufacturing in Europe
Automotive Supply Industry represents 70% of the total export.
Our industry entered the Top 5 in Europe with production over 1 million in the last 3 years.
The fair shines out with various activities this year.
1 unit blood is needed every 4 seconds in Turkey and each donation saves 3 lives.
A blood donation campaign will be set with the cooperation of Turkish Red Crescent and COMVEX with “Blood is a constant necessity” motto of the project: “Warm Hearts in The Sector Are Saving Lives”.
Coach Drivers of the Month Awards in COMVEX
The award ceremony for “The Coach Driver of the Month” awards will take place at COMVEX İstanbul Fair. Awards in 4 different categories such as Otokar Service, Bridgestone Intercity, Isuzu Tourism and Temsa Local, will be presented in the ceremony hosting distinguished guests from intercity to local transportation and from bus service to tourism industry.
Though passenger transportation vehicles are manufactured with the latest technology, education and training of drivers with whom we trust our lives still plays the biggest role in transportation. To draw attention to their role, the graduates of Bus Driving Program of Afyon Kocatepe University which aims to educate and train prospective drivers, will receive their diplomas from members of Transportation Platform in COMVEX. With this graduation ceremony, 6th year graduates of Bus Driving Program of Sultandağı Vocational School of Afyon Kocatepe University will enter the sector.
IPRU sets the course of International Road Transport
IPRU, which is a state-subsidized platform where it will share knowledge on road transportation, is highlighted as the first international professional civil society.
IPRU will determine the future strategies of international road transportation at the COMVEX fair with 17 delegates from 17 countries under the leadership of Turkey.
Trans Talk Cities Municipal Involvement in Urban Logistics
EPR, the first local government agency of Turkey, develop local projects and create and organize regional and cultural events.
EPR Local Government Agency, brings public sector and local government together and organizes events and workshops, and holds round-table meetings that will accelerate urban development. This time the agency is coming out with a new workshop ‘Local Transportation Workshop’, organized in cooperation with COMVEX.
Non-governmental organizations, global and regional logistics planning, metropolitan logistics and logistics in strategic planning will be evaluated at the local transportation workshop which is assembled with the leading companies of the sector and municipalities.
The Association of Municipalities of the Marmara Region Adds Another Successful Work to the List
Leading the way in such areas as increasing the municipalities’ power and resources, raising the environmental awareness within the local governments, collaboration of the municipalities to solve their common problems, establishment of metropolitan municipalities and representation of municipalities within international local government organizations, The Association of Municipalities of the Marmara Region is the oldest and most comprehensive regional association of municipalities in Turkey.
The Association of Municipalities of the Marmara Region Conference, where the problems as an integral part of urban transport, solution offers to these problems, and required innovations are to be discussed, will help the inter-municipal communication increase to improve the service quality.
The latest information about and experiences in the finest examples of urban transport, latest works of the supplier companies and the needs and requirements in the vehicle repair and maintenance processes will be shared at the Conference.
where the problems as an integral part of urban transport, solution offers to these problems, and required innovations are to be discussed